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Post by Lycheeee on Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:53 am

Thank you for your patience everyone

We have decided on 3 types of guilds.

Official Guilds
We will have "Official" 7070 guilds with differing suffixes.
- Official being acknowledged by us or the bulk of the 7070 community.
- The suffix we have decided for the Official guilds is colours (5 for each element ingame)
- Guild Leaders will be nominated/voted for by our community and decided up by us admins and mods. These leaders must give proof that they have enough mana to start the guild (a screenshot will do)
These guilds will be completely managed by rainbowmon.forumotion.com administrators and moderators

Branch Guilds
Users who want 7070 in the guild name, but does not wish to follow the Official guild suffix will "Register" their proposed name with administration.
- If approved, you may create your own guid with the name OR you may choose to allow another user to be the leader of your guild (e.g. if you  have insufficient funds).
e.g. "7070th Infantry" by profallister
These guilds will be completely managed by the user who created the name and/or the guild leader

Affiliated Guilds
We will have guilds made by members of the community in which names have no relation to 7070. The leaders of these guilds may "Register" with us, and their guild can be acknowledged by a specific forum post.
e.g. "Cloud Keepers" by Chisle
These guilds will be completely managed by the user who created the name and/or the guild leader

All guilds that register with Rainbowmon will receive their own "rank badge". See mine for example "ADMINISTRATOR"
More information on this later...

To nominate leaders for the Official Guilds (5 in total), please click HERE
To propose a Branch Guild, please click HERE
Registrations for Affiliated Guilds will open later

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