Foundations of something great.

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Foundations of something great. Empty Foundations of something great.

Post by Chisle on Sun Jun 29, 2014 2:40 am

You are finding a group,may it be for mercenary work, a task force or a maid cafe it doesn't matter(however state what it's for first and must be within the websites rules(sorry guys try not to think dirty thoughts)). You need to choose six starting member that will carry out the job(s) and manage your group.They can be from any media you desire, whether it be books/visual novels,video games,cartoons/anime go crazy with it.(Remember you can mix media you don't just have to think of video games)
You need :
1.Treasurer(It's all about the money): Some one who keeps track of the assets your group has. They are the number crunches making sure your funds are being spent wisely.

2.Consultant(May as well be called the vice manager): The person at the front desk, they set up the jobs and make the deals. They make sure the rewards are worth the man power you put in to finish.

3.Speaker(or is ad-manager more accurate,or spokes person?): They are the image of your group, the first face that the public will see. They keep the morale up and keep the people coming in for your services.

4.The workers(Yay! the fun part(Choose three)): Management is worth as much as the dead carcass of a gnat(Reference for the day) without the people who do there work. They carry out the jobs asked of.

The positions may have to change dependent on what you decide to do,for this was originally going to be a odd job thing but, I said to myself, shame on me for limiting peoples ideas, they should choose what they want to be about. (For example you want an assassination group, you may have to change the speaker to something else,because an assassin group doesn't just put up adds.).


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Foundations of something great. Empty Re: Foundations of something great.

Post by Flamepc on Sun Jun 29, 2014 3:54 am

Using movies and actors:
1) The Godfather. You wanna deny him his money?
2) Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook).
3) Morgan Freeman. Ah the soothing voice of a blessing by God.
4) Tyler Durden (& the Fight Club), with so many connections and underlings, he has his own workforce capable of doing anything he asks them to do. Now that he's under me, well...

We will be running an international trade business company.

Normally I would be good at these things, but I feel like I'm at a blank. This is what I could muster up.

Foundations of something great. Flamep10

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