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Post by walapak on Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:12 pm

This is a work in progress, I will proceed to improve this as time goes on.

Welcome! To the wonderful world of Summoners War: Sky Arena and to 7070. This is for all those who are just starting in the game, to point you in the right direction if you’re feeling a bit lost. But of course never be afraid or shy to ask people in game for information especially in 7070. To start let’s begin with the common questions/misconceptions
     Do I get the prizes for accumulating friends?
       - Sadly this is not the case, the rewards are for inviting through Facebook, Twitter, etc. they don’t have to accept your invitation you just have to invite them and invitations are limited to 20 per day.

     Where do you get the best team/monster?
       - This question is very vague, as the “best” depends on the players’ setup. There are many ways you can approach the game, do you want a team of fast attackers that kills off enemies before they can even get a turn, or do you want to win by attrition by having tough units that are capable of withstanding attacks. You just have to experiment to try out what works for you. And when you’re asking for help try to be as specific as possible for people to be able to help you. You can check specific monsters max stats and skills and even awakened state in the collection button in the monsters tab.

     How to complete the daily mission “Show off Your Friendship” where have to “Fight with a friend 3 times”?
       - The wording is confusing because fight with a friend means fight together with a friend not against a friend. So in short you just have to use a friend’s monster as a part of your team during story mode, whatever difficulty, or in Cairos dungeon.

With that out of the way on to the guide.

Summoners War: Sky Arena implements an element system that has rock-paper system structure with each other. There are 5 elements, the 3 basic fire, air and water and 2 special light and dark. Fire beats air, air beats water and water beats fire in a cycle. Light and dark are effective against each other, but neither strong nor weak against the other elements. Elements are important in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your team. And it is useful to remember that same creature types of different elements also differ in skills.

The game makes you manage a total of 8 resources that you will use throughout playing.
Each resource avails you of different buildings or upgrades that can help you in the game.

• Energy
 The energy resource lets you do the story maps or any of the levels in Cairos dungeon. Each stage costs a specific amount of energy and increases as difficulty and levels increase. You regenerate 1 Energy every 5 minutes, you can also get energy from daily missions, events and through wishing in the Temple of Wishes.

• Arena Points
 Arena points are used in well… the Arena. This is where PVP matchups happen and where you get to fight NPC rivals you unlock in the story of the game. Arena Points regenerate by 1 every 10 minutes.

• Mana
 The main currency in the game. You get mana from certain buildings, by doing daily missions, missions, achievements and as prize in story map and dungeons. You can also buy mana from the cash shop with real money. You use mana to buy buildings, summon monsters, upgrades and some actions like removing runes from monsters.

• Crystal
 Crystals are kind of a sub-currency in the game. It functions almost the same as mana but Crystals are harder to come by than mana but most of what crystals can buy are better than mana. If you fail in a Story map or in Cairos dungeon you can use Crystals to revive and try again. You can obtain Crystals through some buildings, daily missions, missions, achievements, winning against NPC rivals or as prices from weekly Arena rankings. Crystals are also available for purchase with real money.
 As an added tip, since Crystals are hard to come by try to use it to buy only packs to maximize their value.

• Social Points
 These are primarily used for summoning. You obtain them from giving social points to people in your friends list and vice versa. You get 10 social points every time you send it to your friends and your friends can send you 10 points. You can send social points once every 24 hours so expect that friends can only send you at the same rate.

• Glory Points
 Also garnered in the arena when you win against a player. Glory points acts the same as mana but you can only buy things from the glory shop. Some of the buildings that you bought from the glory shop can be upgraded by also using glory points.

• Essences
 Are gathered in Cairos dungeon in the Elemental Halls. There are a total 6 types of essences, the 5 elements and in addition Magic type essences. There are grades of essences low, mid, and high. Essences are used to awaken monsters usually requiring essences of the monsters element.

• Monster Pieces
 A special type of resource that can be gathered in special dungeons in Cairos dungeon. These pieces of a specific monster can be used to summon that monster.

As the title and the intro of the game suggests you are a summoner, that means you will be summoning monsters to fight for you and the game implements different ways that you can summon these monsters. If you follow the tutorial you will learn that you can summon through a build called a Summonhenge. The Summonhenge can summon in, as of writing this guide, 5 ways.

• Unknown Scroll
 This is the most basic type of summon, it can summon you a random creature with base start rating of 1 up to 3 with the 3 basic elements. It costs 100 mana per summon and the most abundant type of summon. It’s available as loot from Story maps and Cairos dungeons, in Challenges or bought in the glory shop.

• Mystical Scroll
 It can summon you a random creature with the 3 basic elements but with a base star rating of 3 up to 5. It costs 10000 mana per summon and it’s also available as loot from Story maps and Cairos dungeons or bought in the glory shop. This scroll is rarer and gives better monsters than the unknown scroll but it is still based on luck. Most packs that can be bought for Crystals consists of mystical scrolls so you have a better chance of getting stronger monsters.

• Mystical Summon
 This functions the same as a Mystical Scroll summon but instead of a scroll you use Crystals direct. Every summon costs 75 Crystals and has the same chances as Mystical Scroll.

• Social Summon
 This is a summon that uses Social points. It has the same chances as an Unknown Scroll and Costs 100 Social points every summon.

• Summon Monster
 This is a special type of summon that it is not random and directly summons the creature you have enough Monster pieces for. Monster pieces are acquired through Special dungeons in Cairos dungeon.

Power-ups, Evolutions and Awakening
This one of the most important concepts in the game. If you have summoned a 2 star creature you are not stuck with a low level monster. All monsters have the potential to be great if developed properly.

• Power-ups
 Monsters acquire experience through fighting it may be in the dungeons, progressing with the story or in the arena. It is important to level up your monsters for them to increase their stats and become more effective. Power-up is a method of increasing your monsters’ level faster than levelling but it requires sacrificing other monsters. There is a building called a Power-up Circle that lets you give experience to your monster by sacrificing up to 5 monsters. There is a Mana cost for this procedure and it depends on the star level of the monster you are giving experience to and the star level of the sacrificial monsters.
 Aside from experience if you power-up a monster with the same monster type i.e. Power-up a Fairy with another Fairy, regardless of element, a skill of the powered-up monster will increase at random.

• Evolutions
 You can increase the star level of your monster through evolving. Evolving resets your monster’s level to 1 but increases its bases stats and level cap. To evolve, your monster needs to be on the max level of its current star level. If it’s max level the option to evolve will be enabled. But to evolve requires monsters of the same star level as the monster you want to evolve. For example you have a 2 star monster on max level and you want it to evolve to 3 stars you will need 2 2 star monsters to evolve it to 3 stars. The requirement increases as the star level of the evolving monster increases, 3 3 star monsters to evolve to 4 stars, so on and so forth.

• Awakening
 Awakening and evolution are 2 separate things you can do it in any order and still get the same benefit. Awakening is like unlocking the full potential of your monsters. It can unlock skills, greatly increase base stats and transforms your monster into a named special monster. Awakening doesn’t require any level you can do it any time as long as you have the required Essences to awaken.

Angelmons & Devilmons
Now this is a topic that should be up there in the common questions because a lot of new players ask this but I’ve decided to give it further explanation here. Angelmons and Devilmons are basically used in the improvement of your monsters although they have different functions, they are used using the Power-up Circle.

• Devilmons can be used to power-up a skill of your monster. It can act as a same monster type power-up and upgrade a random skill. This is useful especially for extremely rare 5 star monsters since a same type monster power-up on that level is inefficient. Devilmons can be acquired through Story map and Cairos Dungeon as random drop.

• Angelmons can be divided into 2 types the regular elemental angelmons and a rainbow angelmon. Although they are both angelmons their is purpose is very different.
 Elemental angelmon is primarily used to give huge amounts of experience to your monster other than that they function as regular monsters except you can’t use them to fight. You can even awaken them and they provide an extra bonus of +50% more experience if you use them with a monster of the same element. They are available through summoning and as drops in story maps and Cairos dungeons.
 Rainbow angelmon’s primary purpose is for evolution. When you are able to get a rainbow angelmon it is already awakened and ready to be evolved. This is very useful for evolving in higher star levels since it takes time and resource to upgrade a regular monster. They are also available through summoning and as drops in story maps and Cairos dungeons.

Dungeons in the game pertain to the Story map and Cairos dungeon. This is where you will generally fight and your main source of experience, mana, loots and other resources in the game.

• The Story map progresses the story of the game when you play them after completing the story of a certain Story map you unlock a higher difficulty for that dungeon. Higher difficulty dungeon yields better drops and even monsters.

• Cairos Dungeons provides all the special drops and essences that you will need. These dungeons have different levels up to 10. The difficulty increases as you go to higher levels but drops also improve. I won’t go to in-depth but since a lot of new players ask this I will discuss it. Special Dungeons, dungeons with Monster pieces in them, are acquired randomly from Cairos dungeons. It is random so you have to be lucky to open them, and furthermore whenever a person in your friend list opens these dungeons you are also able to enter them and collect Monster pieces. Take note that whenever someone enters a special dungeon you opened you get a Monster piece. These dungeons typically stay open for an hour and closes after the time limit.

Arena is where all the PVP matchups happen and this is also where you can fight rivals that are unlocked through the story. In PVP players have points which they have to increase in order to move up the ranking. Points are acquired, and lost, through attacking players and being attacked. The Arena gives all the related information in PVP such as the history of those who attacked you, the current PVP rankings, your current ranking and what are the rewards of a rank. Rivals are NPC opponents who are fought with the same PVP setup but you do not gain or lose PVP points, you do however get Crystals every time you beat them. They do have a cool down so you can’t fight them continuously.

And that’s about it. All the basics to prepare you for the long road ahead. I hope that you all learned something and as always don’t be afraid to ask question especially in-game. If you have any suggestions, complaints, rants or additional information please feel free to comment and I'll try to edit it in.
Good Luck!

This is a work in progress, I will proceed to improve this as time goes on.

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Thank you so much for your contribution Walapak. The guide is great.

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