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Post by Admin on Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:07 am

Section I: Official Rules

1. No Flaming
One shall not insult or attack another member anywhere.
Exceptions: SpamZilla and instances in which the receiver is not insulted

2. Racism
One shall not discriminate against others on the basis of race, religion or culture. Racial slurs or depictions will strictly not be tolerated.

3. No Spamming
One shall not post irrelevant or meaningless remarks in any thread. One shall not repeat posts or post consecutively. One shall not have a post with words, phrases, or emoticons repeating more than 5 times consecutively
Exception: Spamzilla

4. No Multiple Accounts
One shall not have or use more than one account on Rainbowmon.team-talk.net without permission from an Admin.

5. Giving Credit
One shall not present or claim someone else's work as their own. One may post such material and use it, integrating it with their own work if they give credits by posting the creators name.

6. No Warez
One shall not link or upload illegal material without permission from an Admin.

7. Usernames
One shall not make similar names to any staff member.

8. No Scamming
One shall not perform fraudulent or deceptive acts when trading goods or services on Rainbowmon.team-talk.net.

9. Stuck threads and announcements
One shall comply with stuck threads.

10. Thanks and Likes Abusing
One shall not excessively use the thanks or like button or bribe for thanks or likes.
Exception: If one is offering a service in the user service section.

11. Advertising
-One shall not advertise a website to gain anything for themselves or the website in mention.
-Any kind of url linking to a rival's forum is prohibited (Do not try and bypass this!)
-Giving credits to a rival website is not allowed, rather you will credit the actual person(s).
-Notifying the community about anything a rival site has, is not permitted.
Definition of 'Rival': A forum/website which has any of the same gaming sections as Rainbowmon. 'Rivalry' does not pertain to any of the other sections.

12. Inappropriate material
One shall not link anywhere or post inappropriate material which includes, but is not limited to, aspects such as nude, gruesome, or seizure inducing images or videos on Rainbowmon.team-talk.net. Credit card dumps are strictly forbidden, under all circumstances.
Exception: Private messages with the receiver's consent.

13. No Trolling
One shall not intentionally provoke a negative emotional reaction from another member.
Exception: SpamZilla
(The staff will dictate whether there was an "attempt" or if it was "intentional")

14. Bumping old threads
One shall not post in threads where the last post is more than thirty days old.
30 Day Exception: Spamzilla, Stickied Threads

15. Mini-Moderating
A non-moderator shall not post about anything needing to be moderated, unless one has a reply relevant to the thread in the same post. You shall use the report button to report something in need of moderating.
Exception: Spamzilla

16. Privacy
One shall not directly or indirectly release information within Rainbowmon.team-talk.net, pertaining to a member's personal life, without their consent.

17. Harmful Material
One shall not post or spread any harmful material on this forum. These include RATS, keyloggers, phishers and viruses.

18. Censors
One shall not attempt to bypass the word censors in any way.
(The staff will dictate whether there was an "attempt" or if it was "intentional")

19. Exploits on the Forum
One shall not exploit any features that are available on Rainbowmon.team-talk.net. One must report these exploits to an administrator as soon as they are discovered.

20. Falsified Evidence
One shall not provide falsified evidence to protect/harm themselves or anyone, in any case brought to the staff or the community's attention.

Section II: Rights

1. One shall be innocent until proven or found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
2. Ignorance of rule is no excuse.
3. An administrator can dismiss a rule.


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