The never ending battle

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The never ending battle Empty The never ending battle

Post by Chisle on Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:32 am

Why do you think there's evil in the world? Is it some type of punishment giving to us by a omnipotent being, is it because without yin you cant have yang, or does shit just happen.

My answer to this is without evil the world would just simply end. Think of your favorite book,now your second favorite book, and so on and so on. The similarities between them all is that they all ended. When the main protagonist defeats the evil within the confines of the book, or defeats the good, the book eventually comes to an end. That is the end of that fictional world. The universe we live in is one big bookcase full of books that come to an end when one side conquers the other for if it was allowed to continue without evil, the world would simply not progress and purpose is lost.


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