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Post by Flamepc on Wed Jul 02, 2014 11:08 pm

If you were the CEO of a company and your workers are feeling bored, they hate their jobs, and they don't want to come but they have to because they get paid for it, how can you fix your work environment? How will you build their motivation?
Would you do it through generous incentives like giving them more pay or less work time for the cost of the company's own growth?
Would you do it through harsh punishment like firing them if they fall from peak too easily?
Or maybe you would do it through other means, if so what are they?

Now what if you were the worker? What would you think is the most efficient way of getting you to do your job?

This isn't limited to just a business. It can be your own group of friends, to the games you play, to the guild we have, and maybe to even your own job now.

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